Mirror Mirror AI

How it works

We do all the work behind the scenes to make the experience magically simple for you.

Upload Selfies

A set of four simple selfie images

We recommend uploading 5-30 images. The more you upload, the more we can learn about you and your current style.

Cast your style wish

Elevated business casual looks for work.

Tell us what you're looking for right now or leave it to us!

Your digital magazine

A woman dressed in smart business casual with a floral top and tan blazer. It looks like the woman in the original selfies.

We learn about your style and how you look from your selfies. We send you hyper-personalized fashion content featuring you.

What you'll see

You’ll receive a digital magazine with 6 Looks featuring you as the model. The Looks combine items from your wardrobe with curated shopping recommendations for your unique style. Below are sample looks.

ai generated image of a young woman wearing a stylish outfit for what to wear to work
ai generated image of a woman wearing a blazer and button down for what to wear to work